Back in November, I made a waay extravagant purchase for myself…I told myself it was my early Christmas and waaay early birthday present, and that was how I justified it. To my credit (pun intended!), I paid for it in cash… after putting it on my card for the rewards points, of course.

So what did I get myself?

$1200 worth of Jewelry

I love my birthstone (the ruby), and its SO hard to find nice jewelry with that stone. Trust me, I’ve looked. The rings always look gaudy with yellow gold to me, and with white gold they just look cheap. So when I saw this set I loved it…but it was a lot of money. I don’t regret buying it, but I remember deliberating over whether or not I should. Like I said $1,200 is a lot of money, but it was gorgeous! (And much less than the ruby set at Mayors that I fell in love with a few years earlier! I still swoon at the thought, lol.)

I ended up buying it because the sales guy said I could return it if I changed my mind, as long as it was within 30 days. (Those sneaky sales guys…they know there’s no way a girl will change her mind once she’s sitting in her room sparkling in front of the mirror!) I always have to get second opinions, and my mom happened to be out of town for a few days (and the sale was only until the following day), so I decided to take it home. If my mom approved, then I’d keep it. If she didn’t….then I’d have to deliberate a little longer, lol.

My mom ended up loving it (I showed it to her, asked her opinion, then told her how much it cost me), and I kept it without a second thought. When I showed it to my boyfriend though he said “it cost you how much?!!” He did say it was pretty, although he couldn’t believe I just “threw out” my money like that. Even today, he still teases me sometimes by saying that I’m too cheap to pay full price for a pair of pants…but I won’t hesitate to plop down $1.2k on jewelry. [shrugs] (I didn’t pay full price for the jewelry either though! lol)

Now, 7 months later I’m still in love with that jewelry set. I don’t regret it, although every now and then I think to myself “I’d have close to $5k in my emergency fund (my current goal) if I hadn’t bought that set”. I guess it wasn’t the best financial decision I’ve ever made, but I like to think that its something that will last me a long time, and it brings me joy every time I see or wear it (yes, material things sometimes do bring me joy).

So what PF follies* have you committed?

*Disclaimer: I don’t really believe this is a “folly”, per se. I knew what I was doing, and no harm was done! Unneccessary? Frivolous? Yes, I’ll give you that…

Update: Due to popular demand, here’s a picture of part of the jewelry set I bought. Shown is the necklace, and the earrings are the same…just slightly smaller. (I’m really bad with taking pictures, so this was the best I could do…pardon my wrinkly hand!! haha)