I’ve been running wild this week…I’m out of control!

Ok, so I’m exaggerating again, but thats what it feels like. I “ran out” of money on Saturday (keep in mind that I start my weeks on Friday, haha), and yet I’ve kept spending!! Part of it is because I’ve been too lazy to cook, and the other part is that I bought a baby shower gift, so I’m not too heartbroken over this behavior of mine. So here’s my recap for the week…

6/20 Deposit $75.16
6/20 Wendy’s $8.35 ($66.81 left)
6/20 Banana Republic $35.27 ($31.54 left)
6/21 Babys R US $42.79 (-$11.25 left)
6/21 Papa Johns $5.27 (-$16.52 left)
6/23 Deli Lunch $7.14 (-$23.66 left)
6/24 Panera $4.42 (-$28.08 left)
6/26 Subway $5.35 (-$33.43 left)

Keep in mind this doesn’t take into account all the Wendy’s meals I paid for in cash (or from raiding my piggy bank! lol)

Conclusion: I need to start cooking again!!

Luckily next week I don’t have any expensive (nor exciting) plans lined up, until the weekend…but I have my “Whatever Fund” that will help take care of those expenses. Let’s hope that $41.73 will be enough to last until then!