June…[sigh]. This has been a pretty bad month as far as my goals go. I’ve stayed in line with my finances, but I’ve let everything else run wild. I definitely need to get back into a routine, otherwise the months fly by and next thing I know it will be December!!

1. Stay within a $150 grocery budget for the month. Accomplished!! I’ve spent $87.89 out of $150 as of 6/27/08. Even if I grocery shop this weekend I doubt I’ll spend more than $70!!!  In July I’m just going to concentrate on adding as much as I can to the car fund…so no budget challenge for next month.

2. Contribute an extra $50 to my gift fund in addition to the automatic contributions. Completed, and moved on! Next month’s goal will be $50 to the car fund.

3. Bring lunch from home every day of the week. TOTALLY failed on this one…I’m re-evaluating this goal for next month. I think I will allow myself 1 meal out each week.

4. Watch no more than 1.5 hours of TV per day. I’m not sure how I did as a whole, but I need to track this more. Goal for July will be to TRACK how much TV I watch (and limit it as much as possible).]

5. Be in bed with TV turned off by 11pm weeknights and Sundays. I know I did pathetically on this one, and I need to start getting to work earlier if I want to leave earlier as well!!! (I think a good place for this might be with my food logs on my other blog, so its coming off the list.)

6. Wake up by 9am on weekends. I might’ve missed a day or two, but I was fairly good on this one! I’m taking this one off the list for July as well, but I’m going to keep it putting it into practice.

7. Make at least 5 business calls or contacts each week. I barely even attempted to do this, so I’m trying again next month.

8. Reach out to 2 friends in town I haven’t spoken to in a while. I didn’t actually talk to them (email doesn’t count), so I’m going to count this one as a failure. I have the excuse of my birthday next month, so I’m going to try and plan something!


Most of these are also going to be on my July goal list, but I’m not completely sure yet. I might switch things up a bit (I’ve had the same goals for several months now! I feel like I’m being cheated by having ongoing ones that can never be taken off the list, lol).