One of my goals for June was to stay within a $150 budget. On the one hand, I’m happy to report that I DID stay within that limit…but keep in mind my parents also buy some things now and then, so I don’t think these numbers are truly accurate. I only did a big trip to the store once, so I primarily ate from what we already had at home and I ate a LOT of lentils this month (which are really cheap). In reality though (read: if I was completely independent) I’d be spending more.

5/31: $14.86 (Lunch supplies)
6/6: $4.47 (don’t remember, oops)
6/11: $58.38 (general groceries)
6/14: $4.68 (Brown sugar substitute and oatmeal for muffins)
6/14: $2.50 (WW Pastry Flour)
6/26: $3.00 (bananas and chocolate)
6/28: $2.14 (Fresca and Diet coke)

Total: $90.03

So the June grocery challenge was a success!! This is definitely the easiest part of my budget to save money…and at the same time its the easiest to get out of control!