I’m not even sure this should be called the Week 1 recap. Its only July 6th right now, and Thursday (when I normally do my recaps) was just the 3rd. I started off the week with a negative balance, since I bought a baby shower gift the week before as well as a new pair of pants.

Starting balance -$33.43

6/27 Deposit $75.16 ($41.73 left)

6/27 Grocery Store $3.00 ($38.73 left)

6/28 Chinese food $21.17 ($17.56 left)

6/29 Grocery store $2.14 ($15.42 left)

6/30 Deli @ work $7.34 ($8.08 left)

7/2 Deli @ work $7.14 ($0.94 left)

Since I got paid one day earlier this week I also deposited my weekly deposit a day early…thus enabling me to end the week on a positive balance. Silly, I know…but it makes me feel better about starting a big weekend without a negative balance!