Its Week 2 of July and I’ve already failed at several of my goals. First off I haven’t brought a meal from home since last Tuesday, and I’m way over budget and I haven’t even bought the stuff for tomorrow night’s party/dinner. So in the hopes that I will not go over budget this particular week (and knowing that no one’s going to make me spend my own money today 😉 ) I’m doing my weekly wrap up today!

Starting Balance $0.94
7/3 Deposit $75.16 ($76.10 left)
7/3 Moe’s $6.38 ($69.72 left)
7/3 Grocery $7.80 ($61.92 left)
7/4 Chick-Fil-A $3.05 ($58.87 left)
7/4 Grocery & Cash $27.53 ($31.34 left)
7/6 Subway $6.73 ($24.61 left)
7/8 Subway $5.98 ($18.63 left)

So that was my week. I’m glad to finally see some money left over, but I haven’t decided where I’m putting it. I was over my gas budget again last month by about $64, and I went over my budget for the holiday weekend by $100 (wow, that seems so much worse when its written out, lol), plus I need to contribute $50 to my car fund this month. I’ll make the final decision when I sit down to look over my spreadsheet.

FYI: I’m 24 today!