I have a confession to make….

…I had no plans to celebrate my birthday on a budget! I’m so embarrassed considering this is a money blog!

In reality I didn’t have much of anything planned for my birthday. I thought maybe I’d go to lunch with my mom and then we’d have a little cake with the family that evening. Perhaps if my friends were up to it we’d go out for some drinks (my boyfriend has to work so he can’t make it).

Well, it turns out my mom and aunt wanted to have a party for me. Originally I wanted to do a Mexican Fiesta (yes, I’m cheesy like that!), but when my boyfriend found out he was a little mad since I was planning a party for a day that I knew he had to work. (Uh, yes…I’m not having a party on a Sunday night! Which is the only day he has off…it’d just be the family anyway, and he always says our parties are boring anyway, lol. But I digress…) I thought about it for a day or two, and decided that I wouldn’t have a party. I’d feel guilty having a birthday Fiesta without him there.

Fast forward another month, and my aunt says “no, we still want to do something…we’ll have a low key dinner anyway on Friday so everyone can be there”. What can I say? She wants to feed me…I can’t turn down free homecooked food! Suddenly my boyfriend decides that he wants to take that night off and so he’ll be there anyway.

So last night I’m talking to my mom and my aunt to see what we’re going to do. Now my other aunt wants to come, she’s going to bring her granddaughters with her, my mom’s cousin and aunts are going to be here too, and I’ve now invited my boyfriend’s parents…this is starting to sound like a party as opposed to a “low-key” dinner. Its also sounding like my aunt isn’t too thrilled about making enough dinner for close to 30 people.

So now my mom and I are rethinking things and its looking like we’re just going to get some random appetizers (probably chips/salsa, mini tacos, perhaps some spanakopita…) At this point I just don’t want any of that complication…I would’ve been find just having some ice cream cake and calling it a night!

My mom and I are leaving work a little earlier than usual tonight and we’ll be making a Costco run. I’m hoping to be able to pay for at least half of the stuff for tomorrow night, but I’m going to have to be very stealthy and slip my credit card to the cashier when she’s not looking…otherwise she’ll make a scene. There’s another item I hadn’t budgeted for this month, hehe. We’ll see what we actually end up doing though…you never know with us!