This weekend recap comes a little late…simply because I was a little emotional yesterday (and the two days before), and everything I started to write turned into a rant. Here’s my best efforts at writing a factual account of my weekend. 😉

-First off, Friday was when I celebrated my birthday with my family and friends. To make a long story short, my boyfriend ended up calling me around 5pm telling me that he had to go to work and therefore miss my party. Not happy. I survived though and had a really good time.

-During my “party” I found out something from one of my friends. Its real silly, but as a result I was really pissed off at my boyfriend. I suspect my hormonal state had a bit to do with my reaction, but I’m going to leave it at that…I’ve decided to get over it.

-Oh, I almost forgot! I got all sorts of fun stuff for my birthday…my 6-year old cousin made me a really cute card, I got a $20 B&N gift card, I got my rolling pin (two, actually), the cheese grater, the pizza stone, and some other random kitchen gadgets. My friend got me roses, and my boyfriend got me a pair of cool earrings (I picked them out, of course) plus he’s taking me to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure (date TBD).

-Saturday morning/afternoon: Went to the botanical garden with the BF (he’d promised and he felt extra guilty for missing my party the night before). I had free admission and we split a lunch for $10, which I paid, and then we head back home to nap (he had worked all night).

-Saturday night: We were going to go to my friend’s surprise party but when we heard parking was $25 we opted out. Our other friend was running late, which means we would’ve had to pay cover to enter, plus we’d have to cover our own food and drinks.

– Went to see Wall-E with the BF (he agreed since he felt guilty in general, and paid for my ticket. I paid for parking – $4) since we’d heard it was good. Unfortunately I was not impressed. It had a couple cute moments but it is nowhere near as good as any of the other Pixar movies. It was also a bit preachy for my taste…I guess its necessary in order to get a message across to children, but there’s no need to beat me over the head with it. [shrugs] Sorry.

-Had a midnight Taco Bell run. I paid ($6 cash).

-Sunday: Stayed in most of the day doing laundry and sorting through stacks of paper. Met the BF in the afternoon for lunch (he treated), and then we watched TV at his house. We stayed in and saw the Miss Universe pageant at his house (its ok, you can laugh now, lol)


So all in all I spent only $20 this weekend. As I suspected my mom didn’t let me pay for any of the food for the party, and my aunt and dad were outraged that I’d even think of paying for something on my birthday. [shrugs] The BF treated me to all of the other activities ($20 movies, $8 lunch on Sunday). Other than the fact that I was extremely hormonal all weekend (and spent a good number of hours crying….I guess the new BC pills haven’t taken full effect yet?) it was a good weekend.

Side note: The AMC theater we always go to no longer gives student discounts!!! Only on Thursdays!! What’s up with that? Are they doing that everywhere now? I guess I’ll be going to Regal theatres from now on where I can get $6 tickets! (Or we could buy our tickets at Costco for $7.50, as opposed to the $10 ones we were forced to pay for!)