I’ll keep this quick….

….I found $10 today!! In my umbrella!

Ok, now for the long story. On Saturday when the BF and I went to the botanical garden I picked up lunch and received the change ($10). It had been cloudy that day, so I had my half-opened umbrella in my purse….so when I tossed the change into my purse, the $10 bill landed inside the umbrella.

I forgot all about the change, so later that afternoon when I grabbed my umbrella from my purse and put it in my backseat of course I didn’t check! I did vaguely remember having change when it came time to pay for parking at the movies that night, but since I couldn’t find it I thought maybe I’d imagine it, and I ended up getting more cash.

Today lunch hour came along and it was pouring. I grabbed my umbrella and started heading downstairs. As I was getting to the exit I feel it through the fabric (the umbrella), and it felt like one of the metal bars was bent! (I hate it when that happens). I checked it out, expecting to find damage done to the umbrella but instead it was my $10 bill I had felt!! I’m just really glad I didn’t open the umbrella outside where I could have possibly lost $10!