There’s only one thing I love more than food….FREE food!!

 I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but if you like to go out and eat you definitely have to do what I’m about to tell you to….sign up for as many “newsletters” as you can!! Most restaurants have them (especially if its a chain), and they will do all sorts of things to just get people into their restaurants. What they end up doing is sending you offers for free food (or nice discounts) in the hopes that you’ll bring other people with you.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the things I got this year just for my birthday:

DSW: they sent a $10 coupon to use in my birthday month (no, its not food, but for the shoe lovers its worth mentioning!)

Moe’s: Free burrito on my birthday or 3 days after

Gordon Biersch: Free entree with the purchase of another entree valid for 14 days (plus they’ll give you a free appetizer w/ entree purchase when you first sign up, and on the anniversary of that date)

Cold Stone: Free “Love-it” (that’s medium) signature creation of your choice

Local Beauty Salon: $10 off any service during your birthday month

Local Restaurant: Buy one entree, get one free (this is a $40 a plate place, so its definitely a deal!)

Other offers (non-birthday): Bone Fish Grill might give you a free sampler when you first sign up for their newsletter…valid on your first visit. Same for Gordon Biersch, they gave me a free appetizer for signing up last year and another one this year. Plus they will give you a beer sampler if you say its your first visit!! Dave & Busters sends out a coupon for a free appetizer or free dessert (usually buy something, get one free) about every month, as well as offers for their game playing credits.

The emails might get annoying at times, so if you don’t really like the food at a place don’t bother signing up for their emails. It will give you more grief than its worth. I’d also suggest opening a separate email address that you check every few weeks (as opposed to your main account you check daily) so that you don’t get bogged down by mail. They shouldn’t be sending you that much mail, really, but its good just in case. Also, if a year passes and you haven’t received any free stuff you can always cancel your “subscription” but for me I’d rather make the effort click “delete” and be sure I don’t miss anything.

I’m sure there are other ways for people to get free food out there, but this is just one that I’ve put into practice. The best part is that you don’t have to leave your seat to do this! Just a few buttons to click and you could be looking at lots of free offers!!

Any other popular places I might have missed?! Feel free to share any tips you may have!