This week wasn’t as disastrous, even though I withdrew money several times (and all I have to show for it at the end of the week is $5!!! Geez, maybe I didn’t do as well as I originally thought…) For the next few weeks I need to have as much money left at the end of the week as possible! In the past I’ve kind of had the mentality of “well, I still have $Xx left out of my spending money…I guess its ok”. Unfortunately, my beige heels are starting to look pathetic (my favorite shoes) and I’ll need to replace those, and on top of that all the stores at the mall are having sales. Here’s to a weekend of exercising my willpower!

On to my Week 3 recap:

7/11 Deposit $75.16
7/11 Grocery store $5.07 ($70.09 left)
7/11 CVS & Cash $22.14 ($47.95 left)
7/12 Cash Withdrawal $20.00 ($27.95 left)
7/13 Netflix $14.97 ($12.98 left)

Looks like I did well on not eating out, right?! WRONG! I used all my cash for food…all but $5! lol. No wonder I’m gaining back weight!

The $12.98 are going into my “Whatever Fund”, which will likely be covering my dance class. I changed my goal for the month from $50 to my car fund, to $50 to my bellydance class fund. Not only do I need $140 for these 8 weeks, but I’d like to have $120 available in case I decide to continue with that or take some other kind of class in the future.