I can’t seem straight to think today, therefore I’ve got about a million things running through my head…none of them relating to work at all. =[  One recurring theme in my head is that I’m in a complete funk. This must be the pills again…and so I’m tempted to go home and take all of them at once so they can take effect faster. Yeah, I know, that wouldn’t be the smartest move…but come on already!!! Do I seriously have to wait another 2 months for this to stop?!! (I used to get like this with my old pills too…so I’m reallyhoping that Yaz does the trick. If not, what am I supposed to do?! This is supposed to be the pill for PMS and PMDD. I hate it when I’m not on the pill. My skin gets greasy, my period is completely irregular, and I have peace of mind knowing that I’m on it.)

Enough of that, moving on to some other thoughts:

-This morning as I was walking from the parking deck to my office building I saw one of the stores I’ve been to (this cute little Indian clothing store) and they had a sign advertising that they’re hiring. Completely on a whim I took note of their email address and emailed them when I got in. I asked them a couple of questions, and if I like their answers I’ll formally apply. So now we’ll see if they even answer me! lol. Should I even be looking for a PT job right now?

-When I got into the elevator there was just one other person with me. He had a cup of coffee. As the elevator door closed I heard him take a sip of his coffee…[sluuurp.] And then he followed it up with an “ahhhhh”. I wasn’t sure if I should burst out laughing, or angrily tell him to stop it. Are you kidding me?! You’re an adult!! There is NO need to slurp your coffee and then loudlyexhale afterwards. If its too hot to drink quietly then WAIT before you drink it. Don’t make ME go through that. (Can you see the “sudden anger” symptoms from the PMS? lol) He did it about 3 times before we got to my floor. Thank goodness.

-A couple of us were just talking about this test our company is “highly recommending” we take. They offer a special course for us in September, and that’s when I’ll be taking it. I don’t have to take the test until after that, but I think I want to take it no longer than 2 weeks after the course. It will cost me $250 to just take the test…if I pass it my company will reimburse me. If I fail…I gotta take it again. I haven’t studied in nearly 2 years so I’m really nervous about this!! (This also means I can’t plan any vacation or fun stuff around the end of September…boo.) I’m confident I’ll be able to pass it (plenty other people have), I’d just feel more comfortable knowing I have enough to cover that $250. Another item to add to the budget. =[

-My BF is currently working on a project with odd hours (typically 6pm to 6am), and only Sundays and Mondays off (sometimes. This week he has to work 6 days straight). It was originally supposed to run until early to mid September, but he says its quite possible they’ll be working well into October. [sigh] I guess I should be glad he has work and is making good connections that will help him out in the future. But this schedule really sucks!!!!

-I’ve gained a pound. Sounds like its not a big deal, but at this rate I’m putting my $200 contest money in jeopardy!! Its not difficult during the day…only at night when I’m moody and all I want is chocolate. And my dad brilliantly (sarcasm) bought triple chocolate ice cream and its still sitting in the freezer. [sigh] Exercise is supposed to help with PMS too, but I accept my own excuses much too readily.

-Normally I’d be thrilled that its Thursday, after all its the day before Friday, right? I’m SO not excited about Friday though…it’ll just be one more day without seeing the BF (you see now why I need to get a life?). The one good thing is that its the day before my free Belly dancing class, so today is the day before the day before the belly dancing class. I told the BF about it yesterday. He was a little confused about why I’d take another class if I’ve taken a couple in the past, and he asked “what inspired this move for belly dancing classes?” I’m not sure what he was expecting me to say, but my response was “boredom”, which is pretty accurate. He’s the only one I’ve told so far. Secretly I’m afraid that if I tell anyone else they’ll want to join me, and I want to keep this as MY thing.

I’m very impressed if you made it this far, so I think that’s enough for just one morning. Maybe I’ll walk a few blocks to the bank during lunch to clear my mind…have a good day!!


Final thought: why do so many people love alliteration?!! (myself being one of the dorks that does) [shrugs] I wrote a whole kids book with alliteration in middle school…I think my mom has it. I’m going to find it this weekend. haha.