YESS!! What a way to start the weekend…

I always get an email from my bank when I get a direct deposit, and I actually checked the amount this week (I usually just delete it) and it was significantly higher!! I got $168.42 extra this week. No, that’s not what my raise will be weekly (I wish) but that does include my retroactive pay raise for the last month!! I know the sensible thing to do would be to sock that away into my emergency fund, but I’m going to put it towards my belly dancing class. That should be enough for the registration fees ($140) plus hopefully for the veil I’m required to have (no more than $40 I hope). In a way, I could say it was a personal emergencyright? hehe. My weekly increase in pay however, WILL go to my emergency fund until I reach $5,000 (at this rate that should be in December). Afterwards I’ll be putting it into my Car Fund.

I guess this Friday is turning out to be a good one without my trying!!

As for tomorrow I have a busy day lined up!! In the morning I’m going to do a little exercise, then I’m doing a Breakfast Shop mystery shopping assignment (I hadn’t done one of these in more than a month!). After that I have my Belly Dancing class (at 11am), followed by another mystery shop at a shoe store. I’m pretty excited…it’d been a while since I’d taken on any shops and I’m looking forward to them! hehe. (I got a little carried away last night and applied to three more companies. We’ll see what comes out of those!)

Later that afternoon I plan on going back to the mall (a different one though) to return the extra rolling pin I got for my birthday. I want to exchange it for a bench knife (is that what its called?) and perhaps something else depending on what the prices are. I’m also tempted to stop by DSW to use up my certificate from my birthday and to find a replacement pair of beige shoes. That might be tough though and it could possibly take multiple search attempts.

I also made an interesting decision last night. I’m going to start packing as if I was going to move.

I had previously told myself that I was going to get rid of everything I wouldn’t take with me when I moved. I’ve been doing fairly poorly with this…I set apart a bag of “stuff” I could try selling on EBay, and while extra money sounds nice, I obviously haven’t done anything with it in the past 6 months. Its a lot of hassle and after I pay all the fees and packing materials and go off to the post office and pay for shipping,  my earnings are going to be minimal. I’m going to put all this stuff in a bag or box and let my cousins and friends have fun “shopping” (for free, of course). I just want this stuff OUT! I have a pile of books that I’m going to give to my cousin (a bibliophile) so that she can either read or take them to a book exchange. I want to find a CD exchange place, but first I want to make digital copies of all of my music. I’m only keeping my few favorite CD’s, but all the rest (you know, the ones I haven’t listened to in over 4 years?) are GOING!

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this too. I think packing up will make “moving out” a little more real and will motivate me to get serious in my search. Plus it will encourage me to seriously pare down my belongings. (I’m mostly talking about decorative stuff.)

I hope you all have a good weekend as well!