This weekend was SO much better than last weekend, simply because I wasn’t in a funk the whole time, and I didn’t cry once! (lol…the small victories I celebrate…)

-On Friday I went to work, and left early to make my way to the company’s annual corporate meeting. Had some pretty good food (and a delicious cheesecake slice) as well as some good company. I like these meetings because I get to see everyone from the different offices and projects that I don’t see on a regular basis. Plus the company’s president was there. He spoke about how our company is performing in this economy, and from what he said we’re still doing well. It was reassuring, although I’m not sure how much I should believe it. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and trust he wouldn’t give us false hopes. When I got home I was exhausted, so I just went to bed (and watched Persuasion)

-When I first read Persuasion I LOOOOVED it! I’m a hopeless romantic, and there’s nothing romantic than a long lost love professing his undying affection for you! [swoon] Strangely enough, I liked the movie as well. It was simple, no frills, and I think thats why I liked it….it maintained the feeling from the book, and didn’t add any of that Hollywood-esque fluff people are so fond of. (I like “fluff” sometimes too…but this is Jane Austen, man!! Enjoy it as its meant to be enjoyed, lol)

-On Saturday I had to do a mystery shop, so I invited the BF (who was just getting home from work). We had some iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich. When I got home I realized I bought the wrong sized coffee (NOOOO!!!!). That meant I had to redo the shop on Sunday morning. How could I have been so careless?!!! (That was $4.50 gone to waste…)

-My free belly dance class was at 11am. I was a little nervous, but the instructor was SO  great! She was really encouraging and sweet…too bad she’s not the instructor for Wednesday nights! I debated signing up for her class, but Saturdays have a higher likelihood of becoming inconvenient for me. The veils are $35, and while I am tempted to search for one on ebay, I might just end up having to pay that much for one. I signed up after the class, so its now official. I will be belly dancing on Wednesday nights. (Did I mention I’m really excited?!)

-The bad thing about the belly dance studio is that they have a little shop out front. They have all the beautiful costumes up on display, and a bunch of coin belts as well. I’m SOOO tempted to get a new coin belt…a pretty colorful one (the one I have now is black), but the ones I was eyeing are $45. No new coin belts for now!

-I also had a shoe shop (mystery shop) later that afternoon. Part of the assignment was that I pretend to be interested in a shoe. Well, I was looking at the running section….it turns out the guy helping me was REALLY knowledgeable on shoes. He was super helpful!! If I had gone in there wanting shoes (and not minding blowing $100) I might’ve walked out with a pair of Nike Shox!! Luckily I have a perfectly good pair of shoes at home. (I did get a tank top I’ll be using for belly dancing for $5 though. The shop will reimburse me for $3.)

-Against my better judgement I went to the mall afterwards. I started off with Ann Taylor, and found a cute little black dress. They only had an 8P, which is the size I now wear for pants (yay me!), however I can never fit into that size for dresses (I usually end up buying 10 or 12 in dresses). I tried it on though….and it fit!!! It was super cute, but it was $30. Its not that much, but I wasn’t looking at spending ANY money on clothes, plus it was missing the belt that went with it. Bummer. I was really proud of myself for walking away. (Oh, and I exchanged my rolling pin for a bench knife!)

-I went to Macy’s, and it seemed like the whole universe was trying to convince me to buy a dress!! I saw at least 3 INC dresses, all priced around $30 and in size 8 (on clearance). I said no, and walked away….another proud moment. (I then went on to try on some shirts and stuff…just for kicks, but I did not buy anything.)

-My final stop was Nine West. Remember these?? They were all on sale (at $30 and $40), but when I went to try them on they didn’t have the colors I wanted in my size!!! I know I shouldn’t, but I’m going to try going to another mall to find them.

-In the evening I hung out with the family (parents, aunt and some cousins) and we just snacked and talked. We had a good time, and no money was spent. My cousin helped install my aunt’s dishwasher…that was interesting.

-Sunday morning I woke up and did a little exercise after I re-did my breakfast shop. In the afternoon we had a barbeque at my mom’s cousin’s house. I stayed there until around 6pm, when my BF picked me up to go to the movies.

-We watched The Dark Knight!!! I’d been wanting to see it, but I HATE movie theatre crowds. The theatre we went to didn’t have nearly as obnoxious crowds as the one closer to home, so it wasn’t too bad. The movie was good….I thoroughly enjoyed it although it got a bit long near the end. It kinda annoys me though how everyone is now paying attention to it because of Heath Ledgers death…and it annoys me that now people are realizing that he was a really good actor. Hype annoys me. That said, he was GREAT as the joker. It was a really well written role too. I’d say more, but I’m no movie expert…just go see the movie. =]

Well, that was it….my weekend. Its one of the busier ones I’ve had in a while, and I really enjoyed it. They say when you’re busy time flies….but I feel like I was able to squeeze that much more into it. It was really nice to be able to see the BF again. The last time I’d seen him I was deep in my funk, and seeing him again just made me realize how psychotic I was those few days. Next weekend I’ll be going out of town, so that should be exciting as well….but that also means I’ve got a busy week at work.

Have a good week!