I just found out yesterday that my boyfriend’s dad is also out of work. They pretty much just up and told him there was no work to justify keeping him and that there wouldn’t be work available until September.


My dad is still out of work as well. He’s been shuffling around to try and make money, but no full time job.

This is really bumming me out.

I can afford to help my parents, but (prepare for a played-out rant)…I need to move out!! The only thing that scares me is moving out now only to lose my job later on.

Imagine…single gal moves out, has a new mortgage, a small emergency fund (I’d have maybe $5k?). What would I do if I was laid off? I think I could run out and pick up a part time job (at least I hope it’d be that easy), but would that really enable me to keep paying a mortgage? Its not like my parents could really offer me a helping hand, they’re in no situation to do so.

So what do I do now? Stay put? I honestly think I’m going to lose it one of these days. I can’t stay there past the end of the year.

I could always look into renting somewhere….but rents in a safe area are over $1,000. For that kind of money I’d hate to rent. I’m going to start looking into it more seriously though…if I rent I wouldn’t care about having only 1 bedroom (however if I buy I want two), but I don’t think that will bring it much lower than $1k. I’m not sure what kind of commitment I’d need to have for a rental…do you typically have to say you’re staying at least X number of months? I’m so clueless, its time to start researching.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or should I just keep searching for an affordable apartment to buy? I still feel like renting is like wasting money, but who knows, maybe this is a better option for me to feel more financially secure?

I’d be curious to hear some opinions….