Its not even Friday…and I’m already booked for next weekend! A week or two ago I’d gotten an invite to the Student Sendoff the Alumni Association would be having for new freshmen, and, well….I’ve signed up. Not only that, but the Alumni club in the area just north of us is also hosting one. And guess what, I signed up too!

I have a feeling I’m going to be all alumni-ed out next weekend (one is on Saturday and the other is Sunday), but I thought about it…and I only know ONE person in this city that went to my school. It’d be interesting to meet some new people, and perhaps do some networking. I was involved a lot with recruiting and our women’s council at my school as well, and I miss that stuff!! I’m going to think up some stuff that I can plan as the Young Alumni representative so that I can talk to the pres about it… I’m not sure how things work, such as if I can get any money from them to get something going. I’ll be finding out though!

I’m going to be driving a heck of a lot that weekend as well. The first one is about 90 miles away, and the second is 30 miles away. Luckily I’m on vacation next week so it’ll all even out. (And luckily they’re providing food at both, so gas will be my only expense.)

Speaking of which, I leave for vacation on Saturday!!! I’m really excited…not necessarily because of where we’re going, but because I’ll get to do something different. As much as I realize I lead a good life with relatively little struggle, its nice to get a break from it! The plane ticket is taken care of, as is the hotel….technically (I still have to pay for it, but the money’s already accounted for), all I have to take care of is ground transportation and food. I’m estimating $25 for transportation to and from the airport, and then $15 per meal (about $60, since lunch is included on most of the days). I’m really bad at estimating this stuff, so I’m just going to try and limit my spending at each individual meal….no soda, no $2 snacks (lol), and no silly souvenirs.