Once again I’m doing my recap a little early (technically I should do them Friday or Thursday night), but I’m not doing any grocery shopping tonight and I’m leaving for vacation on Saturday morning. So…here it is!

7/18 Deposit $75.16
7/18 Grocery Store & Cash $26.72 ($48.44 left)
7/23 CVS & Cash $21.28 ($27.16 left)

I’ve taken out $40 in cash this week, and nearly all of it was spent on food. To be fair, about $15 of it was spent on mystery shopping and I will be getting that back even though it won’t be for at least another month. I also finally got my shoes fixed, and they only took cash, so there went another $8. I also paid for parking when I went to see The Dark Knight with the BF, it was only $2. And then there were about 4 Wendy’s meals for $2-$3 each.

Another charge I incurred, but didn’t include in this recap (since the money is coming from another fund) was my veil!!! I’d been looking online on eBay and I just don’t trust the colors I see on the computer. If I could find something under $20 I wouldn’t mind if the color was off from what I was expecting, but all the veils I saw were closer to $30. It finally occured to me to look at Etsy, and they had some nice veil colors at pretty good prices! (As well as some beautiful ones….for waaay more than I was hoping to spend.) In the end I gave in and got mine at the dance studio shop. They apparently got a new shipment and I saw one in a beautiful teal shade. I love it!! The total was $37.45, but I was fine paying a little more to ensure it was good quality and the “right” color. I can’t wait to start using it!

As for the “first” class itself it went well! The more I get back into it, the more I realize I need to practice. I’m sooo glad I didn’t try to skip over to the Beginners 2 class. What was I thinking?! lol.