Ugh…I know, I know…I’m supposed to HATE iPods (and I still kinda do.) Well, hate is a pretty strong word, but I just dislike those marketing geniuses at Apple!! And I hate to have them think they got me!

To clear things up, I’m talking about an iPod shuffle. I’d even forgotten about this little device, but all that talk about HRMs and mp3 players earlier got me thinking.

I mentioned before how I don’t use my iPod to go running because its so big and I’d need to get some sort of armband to be able to take it with me. It took me a couple days to figure out (after I couldn’t find any HRMs with mp3 players) that I could just buy a small mp3 player to use just for running. Who cared if it has no screen because you can just set up a playlist (duh) with music appropriate for working out. I did a little research and ran into a bunch of mp3 players from as cheap as $24 to $80. There were a lot of really cute looking ones in the $40 range. I thought hey, this is great! Problem solved!!

Then I started thinking about my music. Right now its all in iTunes, and while I’m sure I can access it all through some folder searching on my computer, I remembered the hassle of it all when my computer crashed various times 3 years ago. I didn’t want to deal with that again. I thought to myself….what if I get…an iPod?!

Putting my pride aside, it really is the easiest thing to do. I already have playlists set up on iTunes, I don’t have to worry about the protection on the music I’ve bought through them, and all I’d have to do is plug it in and drag the playlist in. The best part is an iPod shuffle (1GB) is only $48! Its a little pricier than the $27 ones I saw with 1GB, but to be honest I’m willing to sacrifice $20 to NOT have to deal with my computer. Sad, isn’t it? (Well, if you think about it, the shuffle also has a clip, so I can snap it on anywhere and I wouldn’t need to worry about getting an armbad….or a nasty armband tan.)

So there you have it, I might be purchasing another iPod in the near future. I have some bargain hunting to do though, so who knows, maybe it’ll be even less than that!