Looks like July’s come to an end!!

This week I spent mainly using cash since I was out of town. As a result, I only have 3 logged transactions (one of which was the “deposit”), even though I only have about $3 left in cash out of the $37 I started with. That’s still not bad considering I was out for 5 days. Anyway, here’s my recap:

7/25 Deposit $75.16
7/25 CVS & Cash $36.19 ($38.97 left)
7/26 Cafe $7.52 ($31.45 left)
7/31 Moes $11.20 ($20.25 left)

After adding those $20+ to my “whatever fund” I have $74.79!! So what’s next on my list?? I think I’ll start with getting that digital tuner at Walmart, since they have one for $50 or $60, and that would be $25 or less. After that I wanted to make a donation to my Alumni Association’s scholarship fund. (Is $50 a good amount to donate?) Finally, I will be checking when registration opens up for that 5k in November. I think that should be number 3 before I back out of my promise to myself!!