I think I did fairly well with the spending this week while I was out of town. First of all, I’d already paid for my flight and the money for the hotel had been set aside. Also, I think I did so well with the spending because our hotel was great!! First of all, it was a super-cute boutique hotel, they also provided a hot breakfast buffet, they had a free happy hour from 5:30-6:30, and they had a COOKIES & MILK BUFFET from 8-10pm. Needless to say, I loved this hotel!! (Needless to say, I ate way too much.) Thankfully because of the array of buffets I didn’t have to eat out as much. Regardless, here’s a summary of my spending.

Flight: $439 (the cheapest non-stop we could find! Eeek!)
Hotel: $172.52 (4 nights split among 4)
Transportation: $26 ($13 each way to and from airport)
Food: $22.56 (3 meals @ $7.52 at a random cafe) + $6.33 (meal at the airport)

Total: $666.41

(Eeek, thats a lot of money!)

Considering the flight was more than half of the total amount, I’d say I didn’t do too badly. The best part is none of this is going on the card, and I saved up for it all before I went on the trip.

One quick question for those who are reading. Are all shuttle/taxi drivers rude?!! I generally don’t get motion sickness, but the driver that took us to the hotel on the first day drove horribly!! I seriously thought I was going to throw up before we got to the hotel! The driver on the last day first told us he’d charge each of us $10 to get to the airport, then when we got there (after dropping my suitcase twice as he opened the trunk to drop off another passenger, then he almost left one of my travel-mate’s suitcase at the wrong stop with the wrong person) he said “I don’t know why you thought it was $10, its $12. I don’t know what you’re going to do, but you’re going to give me my $12.

Ok, maybe the first one wasn’t rude…just a bad driver, but that last guy left me furious. (And yes, he did say $10.) Its not so much the $2 I’m mad about, but how he responded.

Anyway, I’m over it. Overall I had a great time, and am still enjoying some time away from work!! Now, on to plan my next vacation….lol.