I never know whether to say alumnus, alum, almni….so pardon if I used the wrong form 😉 (I know there are plenty of you english majors out there.)

I mentioned it some time ago that I was going to be attending some events that my alumni association was hosting, and they just happened to be this past weekend. The first one ended up being a bit further than I had thought. Of course, the mileage was there, but I’m not sure why I was expecting a shorter drive. It wasn’t too bad, but halfway along the way I was having second thoughts about whether I should’ve been driving that far to an event.

The event (both of them) were geared towards “sending off” the incoming freshmen, but when I got there the kids were in one corner socializing with each other, and everyone else (parents, alumni) were scattered around. I ended up meeting a few people more or less my age, but I never got to talk to incoming freshmen! That was ok, because the other people I met were really nice! Two of the guys were from the 2006 class, and one of those was actually in a few of my classes while I was in school! The two hours flew by, and before I left I made sure to hand out some of my cards (and picked up a few).

The next day the event was for my actual city/area, and the drive was much less (25 miles as opposed to almost 90). I knew the coordinator, and the group ended up being smaller than the previous day. I had a really good time, again meeting a girl that was in the same department as me while we were in school (but she graduated a semester earlier), and this time I spoke to several of the incoming freshmen. It was so strange and refreshing!! It brought back a lot of memories and their excitement was contagious….I remembered what it was like to have your whole life looming ahead of you…so many possibilities!!! (And then I remember the all-nighters and being income-less, lol. I don’t miss it that much.) Again, I handed out some more cards, and one of the girls warned me that I might be getting a call from a flustered freshman in the future, lol.

I wouldn’t say I came out of those events with a ton of new friends, but it definitely felt good to get out and socialize with a group of people that have our school in common. I’m thankful that socializing doesn’t seem to be a skill that you forget that easily, and now at least I know that there are alumni in my area of the state! (In fact, the president of the AA told me there are at least 2,500!!!)

Sorry if this post seemed pointless to you, but if you must have the PF tie I did spend about a half a tank of gas, or 6 gallons….which translates to just about $24. OUCH! I might not have gone if I’d thought of it that way, but at the same time I’m glad I did go!! Perhaps if you count the free food its almost a wash? [shrugs]

Oh, and as for future events, I’m going to be remaining in touch with our AA President….I want to get more Young Alumni events going in the future, and he’s willing to work with me on it. Yay!