You ever have those kind of days that you simply can NOT concentrate on work 100% despite all of your efforts? Right now I have a deadline looming, I’m getting questions left and right yet the client hasn’t felt the need to provide answers, and I’m still kinda new at this so I’m getting a little overwhelmed. The sad part is its not really that much work, but my mind is in that zone….the zone where it can not function properly.


On top of that I have a lot of frivolous things going around in my head. My free movie tickets (gotta figure out when I should pick them up), my bellydancing class tonight (I’m a little too excited for my own good), my upcoming 5k (I found pictures of last year’s race last night, and I’m freaking out a little), my boyfriend and his tooth problems (all fixed now, but I’m still wondering if he’s in any pain), the Digital tuner/converters I can not seem to get my hands on (still none at Walmart), my increasing urges/need to move out (and all the issues revolving around that, including my dad still not having a full-time job), the fact that my iPod and ramekins haven’t shipped yet (and I ordered them two whole days ago, haha), and then the silly idea that I really want to hang out with the BF tonight, but he has to work again (I can not wait until he has a regular schedule again!).

I think I’ll attribute all of this to needing more sleep.

One final thought: the rotation I’m currently working on ends in October….and I can’t wait. I thought I wanted to consider staying in this rotation, but I’m thinking that maybe this isn’t where I should be. I was actually on the fence, but I’m pretty sure I’ve made up my mind. Now, on to research salaries so that when the time comes for the transition (and my supposed raise) I can enter the meeting with full knowledge of what the market is paying for people in my position. I can finally say I have 2 years of working experience!