Looks like I’ll be having to drive the 80 miles to headquarters again on Monday. I hope its the last time this month (although somehow I doubt it). We had just finished training sessions so I was hoping I’d only have to go back for next month’s department meeting, and then October 4th I’d be done. Oh well. Its not a huge deal, but a little part of me is sad that I have to go. (Probably because my supervisor wants to look over my sheets, but I still haven’t finished getting the input I need.) [sigh]

I usually freak out more than I should when it comes to this part of a project, but I don’t know…its so hard to get to the level of accuracy and detail that I feel comfortable with, but thats not always possible with the information you’re given. Yeah, I know I’m being really vague…

On the bright side, my friend is treating me to lunch on Monday since I’ll be at the office over there. Hoorah!