I never thought I’d see the day. I’m considering cancelling my Netflix subscription.

I’m a huge Netflix fan. I signed up while I was in college to catch up on the so-called “classics” that I never had a chance to see in my childhood, and catch all the movies I had missed in the theatres. Plus I had all this time to spare and TV just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was quickly obsessed. Amazed at the ease of picking up your movies at the mail…and the best part was our post office informed me when they arrived in my mailbox. I developed a schedule for myself so that I could watch and return a movie every night, and with the 3-at-a-time plan I was never movie-less!! (Except for Mondays….since there’s no mail on Sunday. Bummer)

That was over three years ago. And now….well, I’m busy. Watching my Netflix movies has somewhat become a hassle, I get home and think “do I have 2 hours to spare?” “am I really in the mood to watch that?” “Doesn’t a nap sound so much better?” I keep paying those $14 (I downgraded from the 3-at-a-time plan around a year ago) every month, and while its not a huge sum of money, I’m definitely not getting the same use from it as I was in the past.

I kept telling myself “well, I don’t have cable…Netflix will suffice.” And, well…it did. I don’t need cable, but it turns out I don’t need Netflix either.

All this cancellation talk makes me a little sad, so I’ve decided to do something else. I went to check when my account gets billed, and I found out that I can put my account on hold. Cool, huh? So for 90 days (until November 9th) I’m going to put my account on hold and see how I do without it. They don’t bill me during that time, and I still have access to my queue and the website (I wonder if this includes “Instant Views”?). At the end of the 90 days I can either reactivate or cancel…or maybe put it on hold again? 

To be continued….