I turned 24 a little over a month ago, and today, as I was looking in the mirror I saw….2 new gray hairs!!!! EEEEeeeek! That brings me to a total of 5 gray hairs! lol. Ok, I guess thats not so terrible in the big scheme of things, but still…

I shouldn’t even be that surprised. My grandmother (mother’s side) had a full head of white hair by the time she was in her mid-30’s, and my mom started dying her gray hairs in her late 20’s….it was only a matter of time for me, hehe.

I always said I wouldn’t dye my hair, and I’m going to try and live up to that! I’ve seen what you girls spend on hair color treatments…and I don’t want to have to go through the same thing! Like that men’s hair dye commercial says, a “touch of gray” will help me look more refined, right?!

lol…I’ll just let myself believe that for now.