This week I had the best intentions to limit my spending and have a bunch of money left over. I think I would’ve, too, except that I forgot I had applied for a mystery shop to get my oil changed, and of course you have to pay upfront before they reimburse you. So, while I will eventually be getting back that money, for now its gone and out of my “Fun Money”. [sigh] Better luck next week I guess?

8/8 Deposit $75.16
8/8 Wendy’s $3.50 ($71.66 left)
8/9 Grocery $16.08 ($55.58 left)
8/9 Oil Change $30.45 ($25.13 left)
8/11 Lunch @ Restaurant $12.00 ($13.13 left)
8/11 Wendy’s $5.53 ($7.60 left)
8/12 Subway $5.98 ($1.62 left)

Amazing….everything but the oil change was spend on food. I need to stop talking about cooking and actually start doing it! (And baking doesn’t count….unfortunately.) So that brings my total “Whatever Fund” contributions for the month to $1.62. lol. Pathetic, considering my goal is to save $50. Like I said…here’s to hoping I do better next week!

Note: I won’t be getting paid for that shop until next month, probably around mid-month. Thats why I’m not including it anywhere until I get paid!


[Update: I just got paid!!! Whoo! Never have I sounded so excited over $13, lol. That brings my total contribution to the “Whatever Fund” to $14.62 this week (and total for the month as well).]