I know, I know…they always say you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch, but its so much fun to do it!

You may or may not know/remember that I entered a weight-loss contest at work a few months back. Well, this contest ends September 8. As of last month I was in the lead, and while I realize there is a chance that I could get beat I’d like to think I’ve got a chance here. So, in addition to counting my chickens and having a clear plan for the prize money, I hope this motivates me to keep working and losing weight.

The first place prize is $200. I’ve gone back and forth on what I’d do with that much money…I started out wanting a suit, then I wanted a dress, then I thought bras. However, a couple weeks ago I decided to start training for a 5k, and it was brought to my attention that I should get proper running shoes. “But good shoes can easily cost me $100, and I don’t have that much loose change lying around?!!” Thats when I remembered….the contest!!

So yes, when I win the contest I will be getting me a new pair of running shoes at around $100 (I’ll check for online codes and whatnot once I’ve decided on the model, so hopefully it will be under that).  That means I’ll have about $100 left over. With that money I want to get a pair of black workpants (under $40), and a couple of bras (about $30 each, on a good day). Its quite practical, and not overly exciting, but I think it should work. I have 3 pairs of black slacks that I wear on a regular basis, and two of those are pretty baggy at the waist. I’m starting to get embarrassed that I look so sloppy!! (I didn’t want to spend money on another pair of pants before then in case I lose more weight…like it happened with my lovely gray Ann-Taylor cuffed pants [sigh]). I wear mostly beige bras (although I have a good number in other colors), and those are starting to embarrass me too. Good thing no one sees them!!

If I don’t win (but I won’t pay attention to this scenario because I’m determined to win) the 2nd prize is $80. If it came to that, I’d use them towards the running shoes and cover the rest myself.

So, that’s that! Wish me luck!