The library is a wonderful place, really, it is! They’ve got books all over the place, plenty of couches, and the employees don’t look at you funny when you walk out after 3 hours with nothing in your hands to take home. Something you can’t always get away with at bookstores (although we try!) Even when you DO take something, they don’t charge you!!

….right away, that is!

Ok, so maybe everyone doesn’t have this problem. I thought I was over it. When I was younger I always had a problem getting books back to the library on time. My mom was either too busy to drive us there, or they’d get lost under the beds, or something crazy like that. There was always a complication.

When I finally “rediscovered” our library I thought all those issues were gone….I had my own car now, you could renew online, and…well, I thought I could change.

“Suddenly” (yeah right….suddenly?) this week I logged onto my library account and I noticed I had overdue fees!!! What?!!! Yup….$8.90!!! Mind you, the fees are only about $0.10 cents per book per day…but those dimes sure add up fast! So my frugal habit has suddenly turned into an expensive one! (Maybe not that expensive, but way more than free!)

I can ask myself “how did this happen”, but the truth is I know exactly how it did. And here’s what I’ll do next time in order to avoid it:

1) I won’t bite off more than I can chew! I already know the library gives me 28 days before I have to return the book, so if I know I have some busy weeks ahead of me I don’t NEED 3 or 4 books. One is probably fine.

2) I’ll immediately write down the due dates in my planner!! Even if I return them before that its always easier to cross off a due date than to find out a week later that I forgot!!

3) When I check out a high-demand book, I won’t act so surprised that I can’t renew it because someone else is waiting for it. Be prepared to have to return it on time…and plan accordingly.

 4) Read more. That way I’ll be more likely to finish it (and want another book) before its due back at the library. (Another reason why 1 book at a time is a better idea for me.)

5) Never forget that $0.10 at a time will add up quickly!!

6) Keep the books in a designated and visible place. Hopefully I won’t forget about the books if they are in plain sight.


Now, I’m off to the library to pick up Julie Morgentern’s latest book!!! 8)