This week was just an eating-out mess. The fridge is completely empty at home, and none of us wants to go shopping (much less cook) and I was out with the BF pretty often and so we ended up eating out most of the time. That said, I didn’t go over budget, but I haven’t been able to save as much as I’d like to so far this month.

8/15 Deposit $75.16
8/15 Wendy’s $4.88 ($70.28 left)
8/16 Wendy’s $5.53 ($64.75 left)
8/17 Pollo Tropical $7.90 ($56.85 left)
8/18 Deli $6.84 ($50.01 left)
8/19 Moe’s $18.63 ($31.38 left)
8/21 Subway $5.98 ($25.40 left)

That brings the total contribution to my Whatever Fund in August to $40.02 or 80% of my goal (meaning only $9.98 left to get there!)

On another note, my belly dancing class is going to be coming to an end soon!!! Three weeks left and I’ll be done with beginner 1. After that, however, I’ll have the option (if I pass this level) of taking the Beginner 2 class. It would be another $120 and it would start immediately after this one ends. Should I take it?

I’d love to, simply because I have a lot of fun, and it kicks my butt every time….but I’m tempted to opt out because 1) I don’t currently have unallocated money to use for the class (although I’m sure I can scrounge some up in 3 weeks), and 2) my big test for work is coming up. We take a weekend course at the end of September and I can schedule the test for anytime although they recommend up to 2 weeks later.

I guess I still have time to think about it, but I may end up skipping the next 8 weeks and starting back up later.