I ran across a post a few days ago where someone recapped their goals for the year. The catch: it was a year from their birthday!  It might seem silly, but I like the symbolism of setting goals for your birthday as opposed to some (relatively) arbitrary date….even if its January 1st. In other words, my birthday was over a month ago, but I’m still going to be copying their idea. I’m changing things up a little bit though. Since I’m going to be turning 25, I’m going to come up with 25 goals. I’ve also decided to break them up into categories…just because I’m annoying like that, hehe. I’m only by 8 14 23 so far, so I’ll be adding to the list as time goes by (and eventually I’ll be turning it into a tab like my monthly goals the tab is now there!). You’d think I didn’t have enough to do as it was!

My 25 Goals for my 25th year:

1. Own a home.
2. Maintain $0 in consumer debt (I can only have student loans, mortgage, and a car loan).
3. Buy a car!

4. Be at a healthy BMI (140 lbs, in particular…or less if it gets to that).
5. Run a 5k all the way through. (That means no walking!)

6. Host a dinner party for more than 4 people.
7. Bake a cake entirely from scratch….from the batter to the frosting and decorations.
8. Learn to play a “popular” song on the guitar.
9. Sew myself a fabulous dress.
10. Create a recipe book with my favorite family recipes.

11. Wear a dress with a petticoat.
12. Have/go to a beach barbeque.
13. Celebrate an anniversary with the BF (can you believe we never get around to celebrating?!!)
14. Read all the books I own.
15. Go a week without any TV.
16. Do something “outdoorsy” (canoeing, camping….you get the drift)
17. Make a date with a pottery wheel
18. Take a boat ride along the river.
19. Visit the local winery for a wine tasting & tour.
20. Travel outside of the state again (place TBD later).
21. Go for a run over the causeway. (Don’t worry, its safe to do.)
22. Visit those local art and historical museums we went to as kids!
23. Learn to love my hair. (IOW: find a cut and style that works for me, and learn to maintain it)


Let me know if you can think of any good ones! I can always cross out the borderline lame ones (and most probably will as the weeks go by).