Since I like to think about the weekend way in advance, I’ve already started lining up plans in my head for the upcoming long weekend:

Friday – Lunch with the gals from my previous office; Happy hour after work!! A bunch of people are meeting up from the different offices…it should be fun. In the evening…probably something low-key at home.

Saturday – See if I can check out a spinning class for free, if not I’ll go for a run; pick up a library book; make pita bread or fried rice (that of course means I’m going to the grocery store)

Sunday – Visiting a historical museum (its free this Sunday). I’ll also try to convince my friends to go to a park afterwards for a picnic or something

Monday – no plans yet…I feel like going to a park though and having a picnic if we don’t do so on Sunday

So yeah, nothing too exciting…unless you consider pita bread exciting (I DO! haha).

I’d debated going to Ikea’s labor day sale on Saturday, but I have no room for housewares, no matter how discounted they are, lol. Plus its a long drive. (I’m extremely impressed with myself for coming to that conclusion!)  I also need to finish this book I’m reading. Its Julie Morgenstern’s new book, and if the rest of it is as good as the first chapter I just might do a review on it! If no other exciting plans come up I’m going to dedicate the weekend to reading and getting my stuff in order. I have a pile of clothes I need to mend, and then 3 drawers I need to go through and throw out things that I won’t be wearing anymore. Let’s not forget that huge pile of papers. I have the impression I need to keep them, but I have no idea what’s in there…

Oh yeah, and I think we’re puppy-sitting this weekend.