Well, its Thursday morning, we’re almost at the long weekend!!!

I’m off to a rocky start today though. I head out of the house fairly early, but then it turned out there was some horrendous traffic on the highway. Got to the office 20 minutes late. Now I get in and the executive in the hallway across from me is eating breakfast. Its so quiet that I can hear the food as it moves around in his mouth. EWWW! [sigh] I only hope the day gets better as it goes on.

To make matters worse I got dressed in a hurry this morning and left the house before I realized I put on my heels with my (relatively) shorter pants. Yikes!! Now I look like a dork. lol.

Yesterday I had my bellydancing class, and I had been so sure previously that I would have no problem getting passed from Beginner 1 to Beginner 2. Now I’m not so sure. There are a few movements we just learned that I’m still really awkward with, so I gotta get some practice in, because next week my teacher’s taking a look at what I do and more or less determining if I pass! Unfortunately due to work issues I’m going to be missing the very last class.

On the good news front, I just found out one of our deadlines was extended by a week. The only bad part (it can’t all be good, right?) is that all three of my deadlines are now on the same day!!! I’m curious to see what assignments I get after that though, since by then I’ll only have three weeks left in this department!! (I can’t wait to find out what they’re assigning me to in October! I hope I’m not too disappointed if its not something glamorous and exciting, lol.)

Anyway, its back to work for me….I hope I have a productive and stimulating day, as well as anyone else that happens to stop by and read this!

Happy Thursday!