This week, instead of going with my goal of only eating out for lunch once a week I did the opposite…I ate leftovers on Monday and went out for lunch every other day. Shame on me! The good news is that I still didn’t go over budget (barely).

8/22 Deposit $75.16
8/22 Wendy’s $4.88 ($70.28 left)
8/23 Cash $20.00 ($50.28 left)
8/24 Qdoba $19.86 ($30.42 left)
8/25 BK $2.14 ($28.28 left)
8/26 Wendy’s $6.17 ($22.11 left)
8/27 Taco Bell $8.00 ($14.11 left)

Yes. All food.

That brings my total “Whatever Fund” contributions for the month of August to $54.13. The sad part is that I forgot I had to buy those converters and didn’t have anything set aside for them, so $48.38 is going to be taken out of that. That leaves me with $5.75. I guess its better than nothing, plus when you add the $25 Amex card I have its really $30.75. I’m going to hold onto it for now.

As for this weekend and money, my plans for today are the only pricey ones. Lunch with the ladies and happy hour. I’m giving myself $20 to have fun, hopefully we don’t go anywhere too expensive for lunch. After that I am going grocery shopping sometime this weekend, and that should conclude my weekend spending!

I’m not sure if I’ll be back before Monday…if I’m not, have a good one!!