My credit card cycle finally ended, and so this morning I tallied up my expenses to see how well I did with gas in August.

First of all, I made the observation that I paid $1,113.85 to my card this past cycle. For what I normally spend (or at least think I do) that is A LOT! Then again, I did have a semi-major service done to my car, I paid back the hotel from my July travels, and I bought some things here and there that I’d saved up a little for. Anyway….back to the gas.

For the past 2 or 3 months my spending had been over my gas budget, which is set for $200. I’d been averaging $260. This month though, I’m happy to report that I came in at $196.81. Less than the past three months, and best of all….underbudget!! (Even if its just $3.19, hehe) Whoo-hoo!! I’m attributing it to a decrease in gas prices (although somewhat small) and a decrease in my travels for work. This month should be about the same as well, since I’m travelling a little less to the company HQs. In October who knows what will happen, since I don’t know what I’ll be assigned to work on, and that will determine how far I drive. Here’s to hoping I get an assignment close to home!!!