Ahh, yes….we’re getting to that time of the year when all the month names are incredibly long to spell out, the Atlantic is going crazy, and the presidential race is heating up! All I can say is OH BOY.

Anyway, on the money front things went ok this week. I figured out that if I want to save $50 in addition to the money I’m setting aside for dance classes ($15/week) I can only spend $43 each week. It’ll be a real challenge, but I’m up for it!! Here’s how I did this week:

8/29 Deposit $75.16
8/29 Dance Account $15.00 ($60.16 left)
8/29 Cash $20.00 ($40.16 left)
9/1 DSW $12.82 ($27.34 left)
9/1 Groceries $20.91 ($6.43 left)

As usual, that $6.43 is going towards my goal to save $50 this month. When I reach that $50, I pretty much think I’ll be using it to buy me a pair of pants for work and brown shoes for when I start my new assignment next month!