I don’t know what happened to me yesterday. Actually, I do know what happened….I’m just embarrassed and have no excuses for my behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it, I’m just a little bit embarrassed at my lack of control.

You see, I woke up early Saturday to have breakfast while completing a mystery shop (ahh, free breakfasts taste so much better). Before I left, my mom, aunt and I were lounging around the kitchen and I remembered that I had seen one of those Macy’s coupons for those infamous one day sales: $10 off $25 before 1pm. I figured what the heck, let me stop by and check out there shoes (since I need a pair for work). I wasn’t seriously thinking I was going to buy anything, but I committed my first mistake of the day: I took my mom’s coupon, as well as my sister’s.

I did my shop, and was done by 9:30am. Either way I would end up driving past the mall on my way home, so I decided to stop by. This is the earliest I’ve ever been to the mall on a Saturday. I looked through the shoes, and they even had a Buy 1 Get one Free sale in the clearance section!! At $70 a pair though, I didn’t really need another pair of flashy heels. (There were a lot of cute ones though.) My duties taken care of, I committed mistake #2: I decided to go upstairs to the dresses and suits section.

When I got upstairs I was immediately greeted by a sea of red signs: “50% clearance; take an additional 50%”. Wow!! What happened after this was a blur, but the next thing I knew I was headed to the dressing room with a heavy armload of dresses. For the sake of brevity, I ended up with two dresses that fit great, and had pretty good prices. One was a blue sleeveless dress, fairly casual but still nice, and the other was a dressy black sheath with a white polka-dotted sheer fabric overlay over the top of the bodice. I couldn’t find pictures to share, unfortunately. =[ The blue one I paid for with the coupon without a hitch. The second dress appeared to be missing the belt, so I asked the lady if it was the last one could I have a discount. She went to check if they had anymore while I secretly was hoping for the discount (I could buy ribbon for a dollar or something). They didn’t and she gave me 10% off (about $5). The lady was really nice and let me use the 2nd coupon although you’re technically supposed to only use one per customer.

Thats not all. With some damage incurred already (at this point I knew I’d gone over my spending money AND my slush fund), and with no coupons left I committed mistake number 3 of the day: I went back downstairs to the INC department. They didn’t have much here, but they did have a lot of skirts. I tried on a few and in the end found one I really liked (brown, with pleats and a black elastic belt. The picture below shows it in black). I was going to take it, until I remembered seeing another one, exactly the same, in a size 6….however it was half the price. Mine was an 8 Petite, so I knew sometimes petites had different pricing. I thought I’d test my luck though. I took them both to the checkout, explained it to the cashier, and asked if I could have the lower price….and she gave it to me!!!

So, at the end of the day, I made 3 good purchases, even though I spent over my budget. Here’s a summary of how much “I saved”:

Blue Dress: regular price – $98, Sale price – $36.75, My price – $26.75

Black/White dress: regular price – $128, Sale price – $48, My price – $33.20

Brown Skirt: regular price – $79, Sale price – $19.95, My price – $9.87!!!

Total Spent: $74.73 (after taxes)

Total SAVED: $235.18!! (or so I tell myself, hehe)

The day before I’d also made a stop at Nine West. I immediately fell in love with one pair: jade, in the wine color. I tried them on and they fit like a glove! No kidding. I was seriously in a spending mood, because even though they were fully-priced at $89 I was itching to take them home. I didn’t. At least I had one strong moment this weekend!!

(She looks even better on!)