I just noticed today that I titled the last recap as “September Week 4“. Ooops!(It has since been corrected.) Can you tell I want September to be over? haha. Anyway, as far as eating out goes I did really well this week!! (I only ate out once, and paid with a gift card.) However I more than made up for it with the shopping….I’m still slightly embarrassed.

9/5 Deposit $75.16
9/5 Dance Account $15.00 ($60.16 left)
9/5 Post Office $3.33 ($56.83 left)
9/6 Cash $10.00 ($46.83 left)
9/6 Macy’s $60.60 (-$13.77 left)
9/8 Banana Republic $37.44 (-$51.21 left)

Hmm, um…yeah. So I’ll be starting next week with a positive balance after my “deposit”, however it’ll only be $23.95. Once I take out my contribution to my Dance Account, I’ll be left with $8.95. Its going to have to do. On the bright side I’ll have plenty of new clothes, lol.

I actually spent more than $60.60 at Macy’s last weekend. However I used a little bit of a gift card I had left, as well as what was in my “whatever fund”. The balance was taken out of my weekly spending. Fair enough, right?

I always find it interesting how people use their budgets differently. I think I’m the only person (of the PF bloggers I’ve read about) that doesn’t have a line item in their budget for clothing every month. I don’t know, I can’t bring myself to do that. I have a feeling if I did it’d be an excuse for me to go out and spend that allocated money. Some weeks I feel like eating out, some I feel like shopping, some I don’t feel like doing either….I just deal with it week by week. Even though in the end a lot of other people do the same thing (spending varies every month), we all find a way that works for us and our logic.

This week has been hell at work. I hope to reward myself for getting through it (that’s assuming I get through it, lol) with two belly dancing classes, a dinner party with friends of the family, and maybe an outing with the boyfriend this weekend. I hope next week is better. I finish working on the three projects from hell, and the BF finishes working on his project too. I have a feeling there’s going to be some fun to be had next weekend.