So, my dad has apparently had a change of heart. He says that if I can I could help out with $260 a month until everything is settled and back to normal. Fine with me….I like even numbers so I’ll be giving $300 instead. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been living at home full time after college….its the least I could do to help.

I’ll be adjusting the numbers in my savings sometime tonight…

Oh, I almost forgot! I stopped by the house that was on sale for $149k. At least on the outside it definitely shows that its at such a low price. The front porch looks run down, you can see tape across the windows…it just didn’t look cute like all the other ones on the house. My aunt was pretty curious to see what condition it was in, so we might end up seeing on the inside anyway. In my eyes though I’m pretty sure its not what I’m looking for.