This was quite a busy weekend: 4 parties, 2 belly dance classes, and the re-start of my home search. Where do I begin?!

Well, I don’t have much to say about the parties. Three were with the family, and one was a friend of the BF. I had a good time overall, and there was lots of food to be had. Probably not the best move on my part. I had my Belly dance classes: Class #2 was on Saturday, and since I had missed the first week I made that class up on  Sunday. I was completely lost during that first class, so I was a bit worried. On Sunday though I was able to catch on! Thank goodness!

About a weekend ago I had another talk (albeit short) with my parents about helping with expenses around the house. My dad assured me that even though he still hasn’t been able to find a full-time job, he’d figure things out. In other words he didn’t want my money. I hate it when they get like that (I’m fairly sure he could use some extra money), but if their pride is going to get the best of them….well, I don’t know. They’re adults, they should know its ok to accept help from me. This wasn’t the first time I’d told them I was able to help out, so I took it as the last time. (He later told me he has two opportunities he’s looking at for work. Hopefully something will work out and he’ll be back at work soon.)

I took my dad’s answer as a sort of go-ahead to restart my home search. Before that I was feeling completely guilty about wanting to move out at a time that my parents needed me. At the same time I was feeling completely resentful about feeling obligated to stay around and help. Afterall, my sister didn’t have to help….is it my fault I haven’t gotten married yet? (Yes, totally bratty thinking on my behalf.)

Anyway, my aunt, the real estate agent, had also mentioned about a month ago (if not more) to hold off a little longer….prices were still dropping. Lo and behold, during a spur-of-the-moment search online I found several properties that I had seen previously….and all three of their prices had dropped!! So when we found ourselves at the barbeque yesterday in front of a computer and with nothing to do, she pulled up her real estate website and we started looking.

I started to get pretty excited. There were plenty of units with 2 bedrooms in nice complexes, and the best part is that they were all in my price range!! She gave me a homework assignment: I’m making a list of all the complexes I would be interested, and she’ll find units in them so we can go have a look. That way I’ll know if there’s a complex I want to eliminate from my searching. The most interesting/strange part was that we found a townhouse in our same neighborhood. Keep in mind that my boyfriend’s family bought one a year ago (or two?) for $240k and they all ranged from $200k-$250k. Well, we saw one for $149k! Crazy! (Theirs is a 3 bdrm though, and this was a 2 bedroom….but whatever….) Anyway, I got really excited at first. It’d be super convenient on late-night party occasions, and I know the area, and its a townhouse….not just an apartment. And then I remembered (once the boyfriend reminded me, lol)…I wanted independence. Being less than 1 mile from my parent’s house (as well as my aunts house) wasn’t going to get me there. We’re a close family, so it would be pretty tempting for my mom or aunt or something to want to come over to hang out. I don’t mind hanging out….but this is just a little too close.

Anyway, we’ll probably go check out that townhouse anyway. $149k would be a great investment (it’d be super easy to rent out afterwards)….but I want a place to live. And I’m most definitely not ready to be a landlord. Who knows what the conditions are like on the inside, and I hate to admit it, but some of the apartments I’d been looking at are in a slightly more “cache” complex.

I’ll be sure to give an update when something new happens!!