I’ve been thinking….and I realize I’m extremely lucky to have the living situation that I do. I live with my parents, and ONLY because of this have I been able to save up $36,000 in two years. I save over half of my salary. If I was living on my own there is no way I could’ve ever done this.

I’m also lucky that my parents have allowed me to live like this for so long. I have friends that have been helping around their household since high school. I always wanted to help out and get a job, but my parents weren’t too happy about that idea. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I was talking to a friend of mine recently, and I know I mentioned it in a post before…but its really bothering me.

She’s 24, and is living at home. She works and contributes money to the house. She’s very grateful, but its coming to the point that she wants her independence. She’s discussed moving out (possibly to another city) with her parents, and their response: they said it was selfish of her. Instead of helping her friends pay rent (by being a roommate) she should stay home and help her parents pay their mortgage.

I guess in one way that makes sense, especially if they could use the help, but until when do they expect her to remain living at home?! So until she gets married or something they won’t approve of her living out on her own?

I’m probably thinking irrationally, but that makes me so mad. If there’s anything I’m grateful for its that I’ve never felt pressure from my parents to do anything in particular. Other than get good grades at school. They didn’t pressure me to attend a certain college, they didn’t pressure me to date certain kinds of guys (well, not since I graduated high school), and they aren’t pressuring me to stay at home or leave either. Most importantly they aren’t pressuring me to get married, have babies, or anything like that. I don’t think my friend’s parents are pressuring her to get married exactly….but what other “out” is there? I guess until her little brother is old enough to work and so she’s “free”? But then the little brother will get to that same point eventually?

I don’t know….I know I get judgemental (but hey this is my blog and I can whine about whatever I want, right? hehe.) Does anyone have thoughts about this? What sort of pressure have you gotten from your parents, and what pressure is acceptable? We’re practically adults, right?!