We’re barely halfway and I’m SICK of it!!! SICK, SICK, SICK!

lol. So perhaps I’m overreacting. These two weeks of September have felt eternal. The good news is I’m almost through with this rotation, and I know October’s going to fly by. (I think.) I have no true point with this post, but I needed to vent some of my thoughts:

-I think I’ve lost some steam. I’m usually really motivated to stay under budget and not spend a lot of money on random stuff. I think its cyclical, and I’m just at that low point. I’m over on my weekly spending, and I don’t seem to care. I know it’ll all balance itself out.

-The BF concludes his current project this week. They’re supposed to be having two parties…one to celebrate the conclusion of this one, and one for a previous job he was on. I’ve been too insecure/embarrassed to ask him if I’m invited. I’d be nervous to go, but I’ll drive myself crazy if he goes on his own (and has fun without me…how dare he?! lol).  Either way, its not up to me.

-I need a passport! The BF was mentioning he really wants us to go on a cruise. Money-issues aside…I’d need a passport either way. (We got into a mini-argument because I said I wouldn’t go unless I have the money saved up. His snide remark was “or is that just an excuse so we’ll never end up going?” Ugh…that pissed me off.)

-A passport will cost me $100. I was debating waiting until….I dunno, something. I guess until I have the money set aside. I have a feeling this will delay it indefinitely so I’m thinking I’ll just take it from my emergency fund. (Oh, that poor emergency fund.) Which brings me back to the first bullet….I’m losing focus and “steam”.

-I was going to buy a really cool bracelet on Etsy the other day. I showed it to the BF and he said “well, if you like it and want to get it wait another week. You just spent a bunch of money on clothes.” Hmm, he had a point. On Sunday, on a sudden whim the bracelet came to my head (it was $30). I thought “I need to buy it now!” I logged on…and whaddaya know….it’d been SOLD!!! Grrrr….(perhaps it was for the best?). Instead I bought a necklace I’d been eyeing (which the seller customized for me…she rocks!) It was $18.00.

-My hip scarf/coin belt I use for bellydancing is too big. It fit only a little bit big before, but now that I’ve lost more weight I can’t get through a class without having to adjust it to keep it from falling off. I’m either going to have to get a new one (fine, I’m just looking for an excuse since I’m dying to buy a pretty colorful one!!), or I’m going to have to do some major engineering on it. I’ll try the engineering first, and hopefully I don’t wreck it. =[

-Work. Oh, work. Its almost over….I can almost taste it. Except that every demand my boss or supervisors make now seems so annoying, and I feel like they’re being jerks. They’re not. I just want to finish this up as soon as possible, and unfortunately I’m tempted to let some details slip through the cracks. I gotta remember this is still my responsibility.

-I still haven’t filled out my Performance Assessment. I need to do so at home. Unless I run out of work to do (doubt it.) I can’t wait until October….I’m excited to find out where they’re sending me. There’s a remote office of ours that I drive by every day as I’m going to work….how sweet would it be if they sent me there?!!! (I have a feeling that office is fully staffed though.)

Anyway, if you made it this far with the reading….you poor brave soul! Hehe. Have a good rest of the week, and I’ll have something more interesting up later

…Like that Net Worth report I keep putting off.