You may have noticed something interesting in my sidebar…..I have completed my Downpayment Fund!!! I must admit, I kinda cheated.

I couldn’t stand to look at me being SO close to accomplishing it, and yet having to wait a few more weeks to “celebrate”!! So I took the money from my emergency fund, and put it into the downpayment fund. Now that I have $36,000 I’m just going to let it sit there and accumulate interest until the big purchase.

As far as my contributions go, I’m discontinuing any contributions to the DP fund. Everything will go into the emergency fund until it reaches $5,000 (which should be on or around October 24th). My total weekly contributions will be $399.87. The satisfying part is that I’ll be watching that one fund increase a lot faster!!

Once the emergency fund reaches $5k I’ll go down to $68.38 per week for that, I’ll redirect $117.23 per week to my car fund, and I’ll be putting $222.80 into my furniture fund. The money going into the furniture fund is actually part of the “housing” line item in my budget that isn’t being used (since I live at home), however once I move out that’ll have to be used to pay expenses around the house. (So I better save as much as I can in the meantime!!!)

I had forgotten that I keep a column in my spreadsheets for a Vacation Fund. It currently has $128.22 in it (I only contribute about $8.50 a week since its not quite a priority), and it occured to me that maybe I can use that to pay for my passport! We’ll see though, because once I use that up it’ll leave me with practically nothing to actually use my passport for, lol. I think I know what next month’s savings goal will be instead of the dance account….my passport account!!

Anyway, accounting wise this really wasn’t a big deal since the same amount of money is coming into my savings each week. I feel better about it thought because: 1) I can actually cross out one of my financial goals!!! I reached my downpayment goal, baby!!! 2) This brings the number of transactions I do to my bank down to one. Everything goes into one account, and I track the different goals on my spreadsheet. 3) My money will seem to be growing faster, lol. 4) I’m more confident that I’ve divided things in a responsible manner, and I’ve accounted for the contribution I’m giving to my parents. That $300 a month is currently coming out of what would’ve gone into the furniture fund, allowing my car fund to grow a little faster.

I’m pretty darn excited and proud of myself!