Last night was the BF’s work party. (The one I wasn’t sure I was being invited to…I was!) It was at a nightclub in the big party district, so we got all dressed up and headed out. We got to the party at 10:45 or so….and it was dead. (Geez, we’re losers….who gets to a party within the hour its supposed to start?!) The following is an exchange we had early on in the night:

BF: you want to go ahead and get a drink? We’re here, we might as well.

QL: You know what….I’m really hungry. [Looks around. No food. Whatsoever.] If I drink now I’ll end up getting drunk within a few minutes. Maybe we can find something to eat outside?

BF: Ok. I think there’s got to be a pizza place close by.

We exit the club and start walking down the street looking for a pizza place. I finally see a flickering sign that says “Pizza”.

QL: Yay! Pizza!

We enter and order our pizzas. As we’re waiting for them to heat them up I’m watching the guy prepare the dough for other pizzas. Finally, when he turns to hand us our pizzas I see his shirt.

QL: Gino’s?! Thats what this place is? Oh no…..I had a coupon!!!

[BF breaks out in laughter….he knows me too well.]

Ahh, here’s another good one. We find a parking garage to park in….rates are $1 per hour until 4 hours. Not bad, right? Parking from 4-24 hours? $15!!!! Crazy! My thoughts: come back right before 4 hours are up….take the car out, pay $4. Bring it back in. Its not so much the $15 (its not all that bad for the area, sadly enough), its the fact that it jumps from $4 to $15. We ended up staying just under 4 hours, so we only paid the $4 (and didn’t have to resort to using my plan, haha). Whew!