I spoke to my real estate agent again this weekend (my aunt) and she’s going to set up a few appointments to see apartments next Sunday. Right now there are two complexes that stand out to me, and so she’s picking out two units at each so I can get an idea of what its like in there, and to find out if I really want to pursue a search within the complex.

As you may have noticed (with how obnoxious I am with my spreadsheets, hehe) I love excel, I love lists, and I LOVE checklists!! I had some free time yesterday so I created a list of criteria I want to pay attention to as I start visiting apartments. I plan to show up armed with my checklist with extra room for notes, as well as a camera. I thought I’d share some of my criteria and see if anyone had suggestions for stuff I may be forgetting about!!!

My sheet has 4 sections. The first is what I think of as plain ol’ data….the complex name, address, MLS #, price, square footage, price per square foot, HOA fees, and taxes.

The second section is more about the interior and the state of the place. It covers the following:
-Bedrooms (must have 2, or 1 + den)
-Baths (1.5 or more, I’m slightly more flexible with this)
-Washer & dryer, or connections (MUST have)
-Kitchen (an impression rating, plus room to jot down details about the finishes and appliances)
-Balcony (yes or no…I’d prefer one, but am flexible on this)
-Floor Finishes (I’d eventually like wood, and I want to remember if it had a disgusting tile I’m going to have to cover, or a carpet that is in serious need of changing, hehe)
-Lighting (its important which way the unit faces, and if it has direct sunlight into windows. This can affect your electricity bill! Or so I imagine. This is more of an FYI detail, not a dealbreaker I don’t think)
-Closets (almost forgot about these. Are they walk-in, how many are there, etc.)

The third section is a miscellaneous checklist. I have a part to write about my overall impression, if its clean/maintained, if there’s water damage, bugs (especially termite evidence), parking spots (are there reserved spots? I’d like two), guest parking, security guard, amenities, and appearance of public areas. Again, these aren’t really deal breakers (unless it has termites or major leaks), but they’re details you’d like to have when comparing units.

Finally, my last section is just a box for more notes. Like if I notice there are a ton of cats sitting around the parking lot. Eeeek!! (My current neighborhood is teeming with cats….can’t stand it!)

Am I missing anything? Have I gotten too carried away too soon?! haha. Better yet, anyone have some real estate search horror stories?!!


P.S. Afterwards I plan on transferring the information to a spreadsheet, kind of like the product comparisons you see on websites for electronics. I sure do like excel….