Another week gone, another week left at work. I can’t wait.

This week went ok. While I spent a lot on the weekend it was mostly cash I had on hand. I guess the numbers are pretty deceiving, because if I would’ve taken it from my “fun money” I’d be way negative. (I had about $30 in cash….and I spent it all) Either way, here’s last week’s spending recap:

Starting Balance: -$3.34
9/19 Deposit $75.16 ($71.82 left)
9/19 Dance Account $15.00 ($56.82 left)
9/19 Pizza Place $10.57 ($46.25 left)
9/24 CVS & Cash $17.67 ($28.58 left)
9/25 Baja Fresh $8.08 ($20.50 left)

I finally have some money left over!!! Hoorah.

As far as the weekend goes, I’d say I have a pretty full schedule. Tonight we were supposed to have a company sponsored happy hour, however it was cancelled. They were rescheduling an informal one just between some of us at the office, but sadly enough if I have to pay for my own martini’s I don’t feel like going. lol. (hey, I’m just being honest here!) There was that Whole Foods event, which I wanted to go to….but now I just don’t know. I’ll call my mom later in the day to see if she’s still going. On Saturday we’re having my brother in law’s surprise party and we have to get the house in order and the food items bought, which is why I’m not positive that my mom is still going to WF. Another idea I had was to stop by that runners store and try on shoes, since its right by Whole Foods. We’ll see what I decide to do. And I can’t forget….I’m watching the debate with the BF at 9pm tonight. (It better happen!)

On Saturday I have my belly dance class at noon, and I’ll be signing up for a workshop that is next weekend. Its $35, but I think I’ll enjoy it. Before (or after) that I need to stop by the library to return a book and pick up one thats on hold. Afterwards I have to rush home to shower and get ready for the party!!! Its at 3:30 or so. No plans for later that night.

On Sunday I don’t have a confirmed time, but I do know that we’ll be going out to look at apartments. Again, I’m not sure how long that will be for. Aftwards, in the evening we’re watching the premiere of a new TV show….the cool part is that someone I know worked on it!!! That person will be present, so I’d like to have a few themed drinks and appetizers prepared.

And thats the weekend I have planned. I hope its a good one!