September was a strange month. At times it seemed to stretch on forever, and at other times I marvelled at how quickly it was going by. Likewise, in relation to my goals it was a month of hits and misses. Here’s how I did with my goals this month:

1. Save $50 from unused Fun Money. – DONE! I saved $101.93. I decided this would be put to use in a Dance Fund, and that’s where its going. Technically I already spent some of it, so whatever hasn’t been used is going to be spent on some upcoming workshops in October and November. Next month I’m upping my goal and changing the purpose…I’ll be saving $100 to be used towards a new passport.

2. Bring lunch to work 4 out of 5 days of the week. I did great until halfway through the month….after that its been embarrassing. I’ve been eating out like there’s no tomorrow. This goal stays next month….until it becomes a habit!

3. Start sewing lessons. Failed again. I keep having scheduling conflicts with my instructor (ahem, mom). Both of us are part of the problem. I just have to put my foot down….like I say I’ll do every month. [sigh]

4. Set up an appointment with my real estate agent and start visiting apartments. I actually did it!! Next month’s goal is to make an appointment with someone to talk about financing. We’ll keep looking at places, but that goal won’t make next month’s list.

5. Run at least 3 times each week. I did great the whole month, minus the last week. I’ll blame it on my boyfriend. lol. (Ok, fine….I’m just lazy.) This goal stays!!

In conclusion, here are my October goals:

1. Save $100 to be used towards the purchase of a passport. (From unused Fun Money and mystery shop income.)

2. Bring lunch to work 4 out of 5 days of the week.

3. Start sewing lessons.

4. Set up an appointment to discuss real estate financing.

5. Run at least 3 times each week.