Its official. For the next 4 weeks my life will be completely consumed by a certification test for work. I confirmed with my Executive that I’m committing to studying for this test. On my side it will mean 60-80 hours of studying time in three weeks, plus $250 for the actual test. When I pass the test, the company will reimburse me. If I do not pass for some reason, I eat the $250 and take the test again.

Our company is investing nearly $1000 per employee in training for this test. That includes bringing in an instructor for 4 days, still paying us to take the training while we miss work for 2 days, plus materials, and lunch of course (the most important part if you ask me! lol.) So yes, its a pretty big deal. And yes, I’m a little nervous. Its been a while since I’ve studied or taken any tests at all (dance doesn’t count). I was never very good at studying, I kind of just banked on remembering tidbits of information and I did well enough, but from what I’ve heard this is a tough test so I have a lot of work to do.

Their recommendation is 2-3 hours per weeknight and 6 hours per weekend day. Eeeek!!! Wish me luck!