You want to know what happens when you are lazy and disorganized (like me)??

You pay more, that’s what.

For the second time this week I was too lazy/forgot to pack my lunch (well, I was tired of eating meatballs after 3+ days). So yesterday I walked to Wendy’s, but today I’m at our company HQ and its way too much of a hassle to drive anywhere. I normally bring my checkbook and I go to the deli downstairs, but when I remembered this morning I couldn’t find my checkbook in time and had to rush out of the house (I was also 15 minutes late to work today). So, checkless, obviously cashless, I was down to two options. Walk in the heat and in heels and find something to eat, or walk down to the ATM and get some cash. I opted for the ATM.

I knew I was going to get stuck with some fees, but I was definitely not expecting the $2.75 that were just STOLEN from me! YES, STOLEN!! Geez, and thats not counting the amount my bank is going to take from me as well….ugh! Well, that’s what I get. Knowing that I was about to get $4+ deducted I figured I better take out cash to last me all weekend, so I took out $40.

Following that, cash in hand, I went back upstairs to the deli and got my sandwich. Bummed out that I’d just been robbed I figured I might as well get cheetos ($1) and sprouts ($.50) in my sandwich. Might as well, right?

So yeah, not that exciting, but it pissed me off enough to have to write about it. Avoid ATM fees!! Carry cash at all times!! lol. (Either that, or bring your lunch from home…)

Now, onto other “more exciting” things…

-Its only Thursday, but it really feels like Friday to me!! Today I turn in the remaining portions of one of the projects I’ve been working on, and once that’s done….well, I don’t have much left to do! I predict that tomorrow is going to be kinda boring, but that means I’ll have plenty of time to read and do my own stuff. I’ll probably just have to be on stand-by at the office in case there are any questions for me.

-Next week I’m supposed to start my new assignment. The only problem: I have no idea what nor where it is!!!! I just hope they don’t send me back into this department, lol.

-One of my friends that has been unemployed for a few months was hired this week!!! I’m not sure what she’ll be doing, but we’re all going out to celebrate tomorrow or Saturday. Weeee!!!

-I’m supposed to go see a few more apartments this weekend, but still no word on which ones. I sent the aunt an email….we’ll see what she says.

-I can’t believe I just ate that whole sandwich and the entire bag of XL puffy cheetos. I’m going to regret it within an hour.

-Against my better judgement I’ve been going through Etsy, trying to find some interesting sellers. So far I have a couple new favorites (although I can’t remember the names at the moment). Any Etsy shop recommendations? I love vintage inspired jewelry and pieces that are interesting in general (or “conversation pieces” I generally dislike using that term, but lets face it…that’s what they are!).

-Don’t forget, the VP debate is tonight!!

I believe that’s all I’ve got….for now. Gotta finish up this work and I’ll be free!!!!