I kind of feel like cheating calling this week 1 of October, but it certainly isn’t week 5 of September, right? Anyway, I had done pretty well all week until yesterday when I decided to withdraw cash, which turned into $44.75 after fees. I’ll just have to do that much better this week.

9/26 Deposit $75.16
9/26 Dance Account $15.00 ($60.16 left)
9/26 Whole Foods $22.38 ($37.78 left)
10/1 Wendy’s $4.82 ($32.96 left)
10/1 CVS $2.68 ($30.28 left)
10/2 Cash $44.75 (-$14.47 left)

In the negative….again. Bummer. After this week’s deposit that leaves me with $60.69, however since i’ve decided to deduct $25 each week for my Passport fund that will leave me with $35.69. [sigh] I’ll likely be having lentils for lunch all week again, lol (good thing I like lentils).

On another note, apparently one of my credit cards was going to be expiring next month (I’d forgotten about it though). I received the replacement in the mail yesterday much to my surprise, and that’s when I realized how much they had hiked up my credit limit over the past few years (mind you, I’ve only been in the work force for two years). When I first got the card I had a $1,000 credit limit (and I thought that was a lot!). They’ve raised it so much I could now charge a car to my credit card, and STILL have some credit to spare. GEEZ! Good thing I don’t see it as free money, otherwise I could see how someone could get into some serious trouble with that kind of limit! (or lack of a limit!) Maybe that’s old news to some of you who have had credit cards for a while, but I’m still kind of surprised and it seems really high to me. Anyway, the good part is that it makes my debt to credit ratio look ridiculously small, even if I decided to carry a balance one of these months for some reason or another.

Anyway, have a great weekend!! I’ll probably have to go shopping because I realized yesterday that I have no pants or bras to wear to work!! I’ll be wearing the office uniform from here on out, so at least I don’t have to worry about what to wear in the mornings. Have a good one!