Well, its only Tuesday, but it’s been an exciting week already! Ok, perhaps not as exciting as I’m making it sound…but compared to most of the Tuesdays I’ve had these past few months its been pretty eventful.

-I finally picked up the guitar again this weekend. I popped in my “Guitar for Dummies” DVD and started working on remembering some chords. I can’t believe it had almost been a year since I’d touched it!

-On Sunday I remembered how I used to keep my grocery trips brief, and the bill low(er). Want to know the secret? Carry a basket instead of a cart! Call me lazy, but once that basket starts getting full all I can think of is getting the stuff I need and getting out of there!! This time the bill was on the high side ($40) due to some lean cuisines being on sale, but had I taken my time it could have been higher! I’m now $10 over my budget, and if I count the khakis it’d be $70. I haven’t heard back about the reimbursement yet either.

-I had some free time during work on Monday, and so I did the most logical thing a girl on a budget can do….I browsed Etsy! (hah! that was sarcasm) I ended up buying two things for a total of $21.20. In my defense, one of them will serve as a gift to the BF for Christmas.

-The new job is going well so far. I’m not doing the typical duties someone in my position would do. Instead one of the managers has me helping him with some tasks (which is actually exactly what I need to learn and work on in order to get promoted!) Let’s hope he keeps me helping him out, and that I don’t inherit the more boring tasks, hehe.

-I think I might be returning one pair of khaki pants. They fit great right now, but I realized that if I lose just 5 pounds they’ll be too loose. I’m going to make do with what I have, and return one pair (remember, I got two pairs of the same model!).

-One of the “perks” of this job is that we can get free breakfast and lunch!! The bad part: its mostly junk food, and I don’t want to gain weight again. I’ll be using it for snacks, but I’m going to have to continue to bring my own lunch. I haven’t scoped out nearby places to eat, and I think I might keep it that way….so that I’m not tempted later on.

-I got a new phone for work!! Its a Motorola Adventure (I think), which when you have a basic samsung like mine (no flashy features) its a big upgrade!!! It even has a camera. Yay!

-I get a newsletter every month for voluneer opportunities in the arts, and in today’s newsletter they were offering free tickets to the first 15 people to respond. It had already been an hour since the email went out, but I responded anyway. And guess what, I got a pair of tickets!!! Its to see a new orchestra this Thursday. When I first read the description it sounded really interesting, so now that I’m seeing it for free I’m really excited about it!

-One thing that I don’t love about the new job is the hours. The new boss likes for everyone to be here at 7am!! That’s really early for me, but the good news is that I will get to go home an hour earlier than usual. (Which is something I wanted to ask about doing in the first place, so it all works out.)

-I have plans for Halloween! No plans for the costume yet, but the BF bought us tickets to go see a movie. Its a silent film with musical accompaniment. (The BF is a movie geek, and we’re both former music geeks!) He’s super excited about it, and of course I am too.

Thats all. Thanks to everyone that wished me luck with the new job! I’m happy to report that I’m transitioning well, although we’ll see how I feel about it in a month or two, hehe.